Conference: Open Minds Technology (Oct 22-24, Philly)
I’ve been to a number of these Open Minds conferences that Monica Oss and her group put on. They are consistently well done. I’m going tomorrow and Wednesday and will put the bits I like here (probably on Twitter, too). I’ve spoken at a few of these, but just interacting this time. I think this Squarespace blog platform permits adding to a post after you’ve already published it. We’ll find out.

Hello world. {again}

Since this is the first post on this blog, it get’s a “Hello world” title, like all good first attempts should get. Sure, my first one was about 25 years ago, when gophers ruled the internet, not spiders. I think my first internet publication, aside from the SCHIZ-L list I started, was a directory of gopher sites called An Internet Primer for Mental Health Professionals (or something like that). Should have prefaced it with Hello World: . If someone can find it, please let me know.

Then there was, a weekly email newsletter that I had more than a 100 people subscribe $60/year for it. But I got too busy with clinical work and had to shut it down in 2004. It looks so late-90s in all its hand-coded glory.

{PsychopharmINFO screenshot from 2003.}

{PsychopharmINFO screenshot from 2003.}

Then Dinah Miller got me doing Shrink Rap; now that’s gone (2006-2018). And some occasional blog posts on Blogger as HITshrink (2009-2014).

Twitter (@HITshrink) has mostly fulfilled my urges to inform the world about stuff since then, but now that I’m back doing Fuse Health — after a 1 year hiatus during which I was at SAMHSA — and thinking a lot about what to focus on next, I thought I’d go back to some periodic writing on one site. Thus… Hello world.

I’ll leave comments on, but I don’t have the energy anymore for troll wars and such, so please … just don’t. Thanks.